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Hire A Pro OnDemand.Com & Hire A Pro.Org is America's Premier Freelance Platform Where You Can Provide Your Services & Deliver Your Materials OnDemand To Everyone In The Network Simply By Creating An Account.

Safety & Security First

Our Users Demand That Companies Like Hire A Pro Are Not Allowing Dangerous People With Serious Issues To Show Up To Their Homes & Interact With Them Or Their Loved Ones.  So Hire A Pro Must Perform A Quick Background Check To Ensure To Our Users That Our Providers Are Safe As We Know It & Have Been Background Checked By A 3rd Party. 

Here Is How It Works:  We Will Have You Fill Out A Private Form With Your Info.   We Do Not See Your Background Issues - should there be any at all... Only The Private 3rd Party Company Will Be Able To Tell & Then They Will Give Us A Code To Tell Us The Level of Clearance You Have As A Background Checked Individual.  So Please Don't Worry - We Are Not Here To Peer Into Your Past or Much Less Judge You For Anything.  However We Do Have A Strict Set of Guidelines Which We Follow To Keep Our Users Safe From Any Harm At All. 

Hire A Pro Is A Consumer Advocacy Group! 

We Handle All Disputes Regarding Any Needs With Our Users AND Providers On The Fast Track! So, If You Or Your Client, (Our Users) Experience Any Issues With Your Service, We Are There In A Jiffy To Help Resolve Any Issues Fast! We Know How It Goes - We Have Been Experienced Contractors For Over 25 Years So We Know Issues & The Best Way To Make It Right.  Dispute Resolution Is Handled Immediately & All Payments Are Held Pending The Final Outcome Of Any Dispute For Any User Or Provider.

The Cost To Join

Hire A Pro Charges A Base Fee of $189.00 To Run The Background Check.  Once The Background Check Is Done, Then Our Adminstrative Team Will Contact You With Your Congratulations & Welcome You To The Hire A Pro Team!  Additionally We Place A Stamp On Your Profile That Lets Our Users Know That You Are A Safe And Trusted Company or Person To Do Business With Based Upon The Information We Have Verified.

Next, We Work With You To Get All Of Your Reviews On Your Profile!  This Creates A Sense of Trust And Appreciation From Our Users And Lets Our Users Know What Others Who Have Used Your Services Think Of Your Work!  So This One Time Fee For The Background Check Involves A Lot of Work On Our End Just To Get You Ready To Do Business...   I Know... Other Companies May Not Charge This Fee,... All I Can Say Is That Hire A Pro Is Here To Stay & Make Your Business Reliable By Staying In Business Ourselves.  So Go With Us On This.  This Costs Us A Lot To Prepare!  Once You Are Approved - We Will Send You A Packet Along With Stickers For Your Window Of Your Vehicles So Our Users Can Identify You As A Hire A Pro Provider.  You Will Want To Identify Yourself So Our Customers Feel Safe & Know You Are A Verified & "Trusted" Provider!

The Advantages Of Hire A Pro!

Being A Hire A Pro Provider Is Awesome!  Hire A Pro OnDemand Is America's Leading & Premier Freelance Service Platform Where No Matter What Service You Provide - You Can Run Your Entire Business From Your App, Schedule Appointments, Communicate With Your Customers, Get A Complete Transaction Of All Your Business Dealings With All Your Customers Through The Year, Get A 1099 Automatically At The End of The Year, And Hire A Pro Advertises For You!  We Brink You The Tools You Want To Be Successfull.  Even Better, You  Get Noticed As Available Whenever You Have Your Service Turned On From The App!  So If You Are ON - Then Your Customers Will Know You Are There For Them And The Pricing Is Straight Forward.  Payment Is Completed As Soon As Your Service Is Complete And You Get Paid Immediately (or within 24 hours depending on the payment gateway providers policies).  For Each Service We Advertise For You, Hire A Pro Gets A Small Fee Which We Use Administratively To Keep The Company Going & You In Business OnDemand!