Meet The Steam Behind The Team


We manage our firm using our finest talents and expertise with over 30 years of quality experience in residential, commercial and multifamily construction. Our combined services provide our clients with a 5 Star satisfaction that the best money can buy leaving our company rated one of the best in the industry.

Aaron Jones

    | CEO, Founder

A true industry pioneer, and founder of Hire A Pro was predicated on the premise of helping the contractor get the needed work they enjoy & to benefit the clients with a level of excellence, honesty, and integrity.

     30 Year Construction Professional

     Holds Professional Licensure Nationally

     Multifamily Professional

     Built, Remodeled, & Rebranded 180 Hotels Nationwide

     Owns multiple business verticals including Software Developer

 | Hire A Pro Construction Corp

 | Johnson Jones Holdings Inc;

 | CRM

     Born Sept.of '69 Aaron has achieved professional recognition in his industry and his reputation for excellence, purity, honesty proceed him.

Prinsta Shah

 | VP

Prinsta is a key asset to Hire A Pro & manages more than 10,000 integrated network professionals within the organization, keeping a clear and professional image with all departments and most of all with clients satisfaction.

     Finance Professional

     Service Industry Expert

     Tenured At Nationally Recognized Mortgage Asset Mgmt. Companies

     Co-Administered Founder Aaron Jones In Developing Hire A Pro

     Manages More Than 500 Million On Assets Held By Large REIT's

     Executive VP Operations For Hire A Pro Construction Corp

Our company is one of the best on the market throughout over 30 years. The secret of our success is pretty simple. We are all professionals in our areas of responsibility who support each other every day and night to gain and add new technological advancements to our firm through innovation and creation of streamlined processes. We add value to our business through innovative software applications that give us a leading edge among our peers.

When you experience the difference working with Hire A Pro makes for your bottom line, you will know that having a company like Hire A Pro is the value in your outsourcing & risk management success.