Meet our administrative team

We manage our firm using our finest talents and expertise in the field with over 28 years of quality experience in residential, commercial and multifamily construction. Our REO Renovation Team is unrivaled in quality, communication and fast tracking performance for our clients.

Aaron Jones has remodeled and performed new construction services on over 180 hotels, more than a million square feet of multifamily and more than 40,000 work orders consisting of repairs, inspections, and rehabs for multiple clients nationwide.

Our work and pricing comes highly recommended by our clients.

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Aaron Jones, CEO, President

Prinsta Shah, Director of Operations

Prinsta Shah holds a MBA in finance and was a leading supervisor in her role at Ocwen financial in years past. Prinsta has been employed by Hire A Pro for the last 6 years as Director of Operations and  administrates all field operations with a large field team consisting of over 2500 professional vendors nationwide, and a small team of engineers and finance analysts employed at our corporate offices.

How we work?

Our company is one of the best on the market throughout over 28 years. The secret of our success is pretty simple. We are all professionals in our areas of responsibility who support each other every day and night to gain and add new technological advancements to our firm through innovation and creation of streamlined processes.